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Custom Tattoo Requests

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29 NE 9th street Okc

Must be 18+

Tattoo inquiries must be made by leaving a detailed message including the details listed below to [email protected]

Due to high volume a response may take a bit. After 7 days please try again your message may have been lost in the universe…..Do not message me on Facebook or other Social Networks.I respond to each email in the order it was received. .

Address these questions in one email to … [email protected]
Attach any reference photos so I may identify style and your inspiration. Also photos of location wanted..all under 5;)

-Full Name
-If you have a budget, please specify ( also look under ” Things to know” for pricing)
-location (where in the USA, or internationally, please look at my travel list to see where you can meet me)
-location on body; right or left? approximate size in square inches.
-Describe your idea in a brief yet specific way .. Subject, and what that subject is doing..I work well with simple ideas so I can -elaborate greatly or render appropriately for photo realism. Most detailed pieces started with a simple idea:”)


I could be Tattooing your way...

Homebase: Black Magic Tattoos at 29th NE 9th Okc.

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