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Custom Tattoo Requests

Must be 18+

Tattoo inquiries must be made by leaving a detailed message including the details listed below to

Due to high volume a response may take a bit. After 7 days please try again your message may have been lost in the universe…..Do not message me on Facebook or other Social Networks.I respond to each email in the order it was received. .

Address these questions in one email to …
If your not hearing back from me ..I respond to each email in the order it was received and due to high volume a response may take 1-7 days, if longer please resend original request you may have been buried by other emails.

Try not to message me on Facebook or other Social Networks, it will go unseen.Keep the same EMAIL thread please!

I am cash only

-Full Name


-If you have a budget, please specify. (so I can tell you your options)

-Where you live Vs. where you want to get tattooed. (Where in the world.. physically. I travel to conventions and guest spots all over world, please see schedual to meet up closer to you for your convenience).

-Location on body; right or left? approximate size in square inches

-Describe your idea in a brief yet specific way .. Subject, and what that subject is doing..I work well with simple ideas so I can elaborate greatly or render appropriately for photo realism. Most detailed pieces started with a simple idea .

-Attach any reference photos so I may identify style and your inspiration. Also photos of location wanted (on your body, take a squared off in frame picture of your body part you want tattooed)..keep number of photos down to 5.

OKC– Consultation Day March 5th 12-8pm. At Kamps 1910 Cafe. 10 nw 10th Street okc, 0k

Chicago – March 22nd-24th for the Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention at then Donand E Stephan’s Convention center

Kansas City- May 10-12th for the Kansas City Tattoo Arts Convention. at the Sheraton Kansas City hotel at Crown Center

Oklahoma city- July 12-14 for the Oklahoma City Tattoo Arts Convention at the Cox Convention center



Oklahoma City / Home Rates

-$160 an hour 2 hour minimum

-$1,000 flat day rate.

Travel Rates (Tattoo convention/guest spot)

-$200 hour



-Drawing Deposit– $50.00 non-refundable. If you want to see a sketch and layout before making an appointment. This covers the design, not a finished drawing, especially for photo Realism)after 3 drawings.

-Tattoo Appointment Deposit- $200.00 non-refundable. to hold the scheduled appointment.

All Deposits will be deducted from final appointment costs.

I will send a deposit request please do not send on your own;)

——48 hours notice required to reschedule appointment and keep your deposit valid. The deposit is forfeited if cancelation notice is under 48 hours. If no notice is given the full cost amount of the session missed will be required before booking again .——-

-Touch ups– I guarantee all work up to one year if properly maintained and if after care was carried out to my instructions (if there are corrections to be made due to improper care, my hourly rate will be applied). It is as important to me to have your tattoo looking its best as much as it is to you:) Email me to schedule touch up one month after tattoo appointment

I could be Tattooing your way...

Check out Travel Dates .. I might be in your area:)